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  Madisonville, TN

Thank you for helping us travel and reach our fans! We are bravely following our hearts! We so appreciate you giving from yours ! Emi's newest CD has 14 original songs! She has labored over the choices of her songs and created a beautiful new cd! American Dream is now available!

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Tip by S.J. L. August 11 2017

SJLtalentpicks YouTube channel ( enjoys your beyond incredible originals and covers very, very much :)

Tip by Gene & Diana Smith August 5 2017

Hope this helps, love all of you:)

Tip by Ed Holt August 5 2017

Glad to help Emi

Tip by Roger Brown August 5 2017

God bless yall.... love the music

Tip by Brian Curry August 5 2017
Tip by Bones August 5 2017


Tip by Aunt Kaye August 5 2017

Love you

Tip by Bobby Chandler August 4 2017

Great job!!

Tip by Patrick Rhames August 4 2017
Tip by Anonymous July 30 2017