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  Ibaraki, Japan

I'm currently writing the longest ML fanfic in history. It's ridiculous. ( I also write some other stuff, which can be found on my AO3 page, or on my Tumblr writing blog. ( Spare change while I pursue this madness is always appreciated~

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Reyna April 22 2017

Thanks for creating one of my favorite fics! — Parlezvousladybug / lotus09

Reyna April 21 2017

I'm glad I can do a bit more than just say, thank you, you're a great writer, I love what you do, how you write, what you write, .... I know it's only money, but somehow it feels like it enhances praise. I hope it'll help you to figure out/found a future! Yet, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK! — Tjikicew

Reyna April 21 2017

I really admire your writing, and love everything you do. I hope you write sometime that gets published that isn't a super long fanfic, cause I'd probably buy that and read it too. Thank you for writing, and continuing to write despite how rude people can be. I hope the best to you and everything you do because you put so much effort into a fanfiction that's probably consumed your life, but you continue anyway because you're a super MIRACULOUSLY nice person. (sorry had to do it :D) — <3 The anon who asked for a donation button

Reyna April 20 2017

Cheers to you for doing your thing, doing it well. — Anonymous