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Hello, friends! I write Paradox Grand Strategy Game AARs (After Action Reports), which is very time-consuming. Seeing as though I have a rather large audience on r/paradoxplaza, and that it's hard for me to find motivation to continue writing these without some support, I decided to make this an option for people. I will never gate content behind a pay wall (nor will I ever pressure people to give), and I have nothing to give to you in return except for my humble thanks.

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Tip by TerantQ March 20 2017

You're cool, your AAR writing has given me more than enough entertainment to warrant this, and you have a knack for using things that happen because of game mechanics to tell a compelling story. You'd be an amazing DM/GM for tabletop RPGs

Tip by Aisling March 18 2017

Thanks for all the work you put into your ARRs! I hope you keep on writing, I absolutely love reading them!

Tip by /u/Ceannairceach March 17 2017

Best of luck with your writing! Hope to see your books on shelves some day!