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Captain Benzie

  Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

A British ex-pat living in Zimbabwe; videogame enthusiast and blogger (, dark fantasy and sci-fi writer, cat lover, and wannabe pirate adventurer.

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Tip by moseph February 9 2019

Thanks for all the great content and tips. I wouldn't have been able to hit tiberium league last season without your videos. I know the season reset has been rough, as well as all the unrest in Zimbabwe, and just life in general. With that being said, you are one of the driving forces behind my support for C&C Rivals and I'm sure the same can be said for countless other players. Just know that your hard work and continuous voice of reason within the community is noticed, and immeasurably appreciated. Many thanks and much love <3

Tip by Battalia February 6 2019

Grab a coffee on me =)

Tip by Hebekiah February 5 2019

thanks for your work

Tip by Muffinhell84 January 26 2019

Keep up the good work 🙂

Tip by Cedric January 24 2019

Hi, I realy enjoy your CNC Rival Content on Youtube. greetings

Tip by John E Martin January 24 2019

Great work on these videos. Very helpful.

Tip by Denis Reviakin December 23 2018

Keep up the good work!

Tip by JustinMKohler November 19 2018

Thank you for providing informative and quality Rivals content! Would you consider transcribing your videos in the future? I much prefer reading articles to watching videos.

Tip by Wolfie October 18 2018

Keep up the good work Cap!