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Chris Tackett


Husband, dad, data nerd who makes charts and graphs.

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Tip by Jay Propes July 9 2018

Thanks for this. I was getting too much sleep anyway. Take your wife to dinner.

Tip by Kimberly J Woodard June 1 2018
Tip by Holly Camp May 6 2018

Keep up the good work Chris!

Tip by Anonymous March 14 2018

Really like the site. I got to it from Is there a reason Sen. Donna Campbell is not included?

Tip by Chrissie Keffler March 1 2018

Date night allowance. Thanks a million.....actually thanks a fifty.

Tip by Jordan Overturf February 27 2018

Keep it up.

Tip by Coby Chase February 24 2018

You are my hero. You're the political science data nerd I have always wanted to be.

Tip by Mary Lovell January 29 2018

Greatly appreciate your passion & this work!

Tip by Anonymous January 29 2018