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Christine Monson Music

  Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a PIANIST, ARRANGER, AND COMPOSER, Director, Singer, and Writer with particular talents in communicating heart to heart through playing, improvising, composing, and arranging works that reflect poignantly and profoundly, through the unmatched symbolism of music, the feeling, essence, and story of a musical idea or lyric. My passion is creating, writing, performing and sharing music that can bring joy, inspire truth, and elicit fun!

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Tip by Jonathan Ratliff July 24 2018

Christine, thank you so very much for your work here. I have listened numerous times to the hymns CD as well as the new one. O My Father is a hymn I love that was introduced to me while married to Jennifer, and I find it to be a hymn of great truth and comfort. There is Sunshine In My Soul and I Know That My Redeemer Lives I love as well and you play so beautifully Christine. I would say this, but I feel you saved the best for last in How Great Thou Art! I can feel your heart in it as well, and the power in which you bring it out in the music brought me to tears to be candid. I am going to share with you on Class Act in a separate e-mail...I love it!! Hope this bit helps, sorry I do not have more, but hope it helps.