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Casey Newman

  San Antonio

Casey has been playing the piano since age 3. He currently plays a variety of music in the San Antonio area, from steak houses, to church houses. He regularly takes requests . . . but usually keeps playing anyway. ;-)

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Casey Newman's Recent Tips

Tip by Mthorn August 11 2017

Keep on keeping on!!!

Tip by Jennifer Massey July 28 2017

You are the best!!!!

Tip by Carissa Hamikton July 23 2017

Thanks! We just came from San Antonio and I wanted to come hear you play, but we got hung up. We will be in town in September. Hoping to get to see you then.

Tip by Anonymous July 23 2017
Tip by Anonymous July 23 2017
Tip by Sleezy P. Martini July 1 2017

You're all class, Newman. Keep doing you!

Tip by lynn dean June 18 2017

not really, twinkie breath....