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B-Man & mi-Shell

  Key West, Florida

B-Man and mi-Shell reside in Key West, Florida and travel around the country sharing their music. Our music is a mix of Tropical Rock, Rock, Country, Americana, Pop and our own originals. We like to call our genre of music "Nautical Americana". With our new CD out titled "Key West Bound" our songs are sitting on the Trop Rock Top 40 charts to include one that went number 1 in the charts in April 2016

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B-Man & mi-Shell's Recent Tips

Tip by Joanne /John Fisher February 5 2019

Buy some treats for the kitties! See you soon!

Tip by Tiffany Hemming (your daughter) December 4 2018

Love you guys!

Tip by Jeff Brewer November 20 2018
Tip by Anonymous November 7 2018

Caught the very end. Love y’all!

Tip by Marc and Julie Clymer October 23 2018

Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to get back down there!

Tip by Jen October 2 2018

It was fun seeing one of the kitties in the video! You two were fab, as always!

Tip by Jen September 25 2018

So glad I was able to tune in, even if it was late :)

Tip by Casey Scharven September 12 2018

Keep it real guys!

Tip by Jen September 11 2018

Love you guys, and your music. Keep rockin!!

Tip by Shelley and Jim Forsyth August 28 2018

Love these live sessions!