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I'm a full-time graduate student who also writes Revolutionary Fuckboys, that 2x week updating stupidly long Hamilton college AU on AO3. Bonus material is on my Tumblr (because-cur-non). Tips will be used to help cover rent/utilities/other expenses and give me time to keep working on fanfic ;) Thank you so much for your support!

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Tip by Keri February 20 2018

midweek treat time! ❤️

Tip by Keri December 24 2017

Happy happy Christmas! 💕 I hope it is as magical as you deserve 🎄🎁 🎅 ☃️

Tip by Anonymous September 30 2017


Tip by Keri September 13 2017

Treat yourself!!!

Tip by Keri August 25 2017

Happy Friday! 🤗

Tip by Anonymous July 31 2017
Tip by Keri July 25 2017

Thanks for being a bright spot on everything from the best to the worst of days! ❤️

Tip by Bowsandmeows July 10 2017

I adore your writing. It has gotten me through a rough six months <3

Tip by Anonymous July 9 2017

It only seems fair that #JohnandAlexshouldpayyourwaterbill2k17 I'm really nervous about this online payment but...

Tip by Keri July 9 2017

You are the Treat yoself!! ❤️