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Marlon Leal

  ParĂ¡, Brazil

I'm a freelancer digital artist! Most of my income come from commissions. (If you can only donate through Paypal, my email is, since digital tip jar doesn't receive donations through paypal)

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Tip by cat February 15 2017

Hey, hang in there. Things are tough, but I hope this helps get you some food in your belly and junk. You don't gotta draw me anything for this, but if you feel like you gotta (and I don't know if you're still working on it), put it towards upgrading ely's commission and making it even grander than she paid for, she sent me by the way so you can thank her. And keep me anonymous from her please, it's for personal reasons. But yeah, dude, hang in there. Things are gonna get better, I promise you that.

Tip by Anonymous February 11 2017
Tip by Anonymous February 11 2017

i'm sorry it's not much but it's all i can spare right now o//o i love your art and you seem like a very cool dude!! i'll try to give you a bit more when i can :p