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Anj Granieri

  New Jersey (NJ)

My name is Anj Granieri and I'm a singer/songwriter, poet, writer, pianist and vocalist. I'm a wonderer. A wanderer. A singer of songs. A poet. I write about anything and everything that moves my soul. The content I create can vary, but the passion with which I create does not. I hope you enjoy my performances and my writing, and any support you can lend me would be greatly appreciated.

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Anj Granieri's Recent Tips

Tip by JULIE WILLIAMS October 27 2018

Giving up is never a good idea, go girl!

Tip by Mykola Dolgalov October 24 2018

Stay healthy!

Tip by Julie Ru October 23 2018

Love it!

Tip by Roxanne October 21 2018

Beautiful, Girl!

Tip by Phyllis October 21 2018

Thank you for sharing your gifts last night! Keep on trucking 🤠

Tip by Dawn Spindler October 21 2018

Greetings from Denmark! Enjoyed your concert very much. You have a lovely voice.

Tip by Jeff Fujita October 21 2018

I like this format - it's really intimate and great fun to interact with you. Your talent is a style I greatly admire and enjoy. I'm excited for the adventures that lie ahead for you. Get stronger.

Tip by Arthur Robillard October 21 2018

For an exceptional musician and composer.

Tip by Momma October 21 2018

So proud of you

Tip by Donelle October 21 2018

Hope you feel better soon! You are a beautiful person with a beautiful voice! Gotta get that JoyBug rolling. I love the idea of concerts from an Airstream!