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Alien Minute Podcast

  Kansas City

We are a daily podcast which analyzes the Alien films one minute at a time.

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Tip by Anonymous July 30 2017
Tip by Ron Purvis July 27 2017

Thank to John and Mitch and all the guests of Alien Minute Podcast - you continue to make Alien and this series (I'm on episode 66 right now and will continue on) fun for me.

Tip by Jeffrey Siniard July 21 2017

I really enjoy the podcast, and I love being part of such a great community on Facebook. Appreciate everything you guys do. Keep it up!

Tip by andrew July 21 2017

the tip will automatically destruct in t-minus 5 minutes.

Tip by Chaia July 20 2017

Love the podcast! Keep up the good work :)

Tip by Anonymous July 14 2017

For the cornbread.

Tip by The Blue Acorn July 11 2017

"We have to go on..."

Tip by Brian July 10 2017

Love the show, looking forward to rocking my alien minute T's

Tip by Anonymous July 8 2017
Tip by Craig July 7 2017

Love the podcast!