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Alien Minute Podcast

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We are a daily podcast which analyzes the Alien films one minute at a time.

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Tip by David Finn December 28 2017

In honor of our favorite planet LV-426, I'm donating $42.60 for your great work dissecting these first two ALIEN films. It has been educational & illuminating. Good luck on your future ventures.

Tip by Tony Fish December 22 2017

Well better late than never. Thanks for all your hard work. I've really enjoyed each & every episode. It's been eye-opening to hear the vast interpretations of the same movie(s).

Tip by James Schilling December 14 2017

Thanks for all the pod!

Tip by Martin December 12 2017


Tip by Richard Sales December 7 2017

Good job.

Tip by Jordan McAuley December 7 2017

Watching Alien after binging your first show was like seeing it for the first time all over again after dozens of viewings over the past 25 years. Many thanks and good luck in your future creative work.

Tip by Timmy bricks November 20 2017

Hope you’re feeling better John.

Tip by David Norwich October 6 2017

Thanks guys. Makes my walk to work infinitely more bearable

Tip by Anonymous October 1 2017
Tip by TJR September 30 2017

You've made Aliens into a more interesting film for me. Thank you for being my daily escape.