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Aesir's Recent Tips

Tip by Alter October 17 2017

It's not much, but hope it helps

Tip by TheFatCat October 17 2017

October fundings

Tip by Zalzas October 17 2017

Thank you for bringing everyone together!

Tip by Space October 17 2017

I believe in the Aesir

Tip by TheFatCat October 11 2017

Pizza funds

Tip by TheFatCat October 4 2017

You seem nice, hopefully pays for a meal?

Tip by Space April 28 2017

Good luck bro.

Tip by Canime April 26 2017

Go buy some coffee. o3ob

Tip by Space April 20 2017

Half a bowl of cereal? Not on my watch, bub, here's another drop into the pizza fund.

Tip by Battalia April 10 2017

Love your art. Keep being awesome!