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Crooked Eye Tommy

  Ventura California

Forged in the blood of brothers Tommy and Paddy Marsh, Crooked Eye Tommy casts a spell on the listener with the joy and melancholy of a lifetime of playing music together. Searing guitar work and passionate, powerful vocal lines will call you in. Southern Hearts in a Tide Pool of sonic dancing where you are the special guest of honor. Making Music and Making Friends around the globe Crooked Eye Tommy is a sure thing in a world of uncertainty... Listen and feel What a Crooked Eye can do...

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Crooked Eye Tommy August 15 2014

If you call me Lacy instead of Jan, theres $5 more. Tommy bless you and all that you do and may this "tip" with all the love and good spirit you put out to our lovely world come back at you 10 fold..xo to you and Tammy and all musicians who elevate our town to a very proud level, at least for me <3 — Lacy Jan Weston