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I'm a writer! Help support my work! Not sure what else to say here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Jer 'Ace''s Recent Tips

Tip by Kaoru October 22 2017

Still waiting on those unpublished chapters~ Especially the ones you're now past <.<

Tip by Kaoru September 8 2017

Fell behind a bit in my contributions. But you've been reliably pumping out good content. Don't get too wrapped up in criticism, positive or negative, and don't disregard it either.

Tip by Kaoru July 21 2017

Hey, you got back on the horse! I had a bet with someone and I was glad to win it. Here's your cut.

Tip by spud67 May 22 2017

Enjoy the stories and your drive for accomplishment.

Tip by Kaoru March 22 2017

One of these days it'll take off, gonzo

Tip by Kaoru March 5 2017

The tips will continue. O_O

Tip by Kaoru January 14 2017

Double-header for a touching and satisfying conclusion to a great arc of a neat story. Four updates in one week - fabulous.

Tip by Kaoru January 10 2017

Eagerly anticipating new chapters.

Tip by Kaoru December 28 2016

Tip of the jar.

Tip by Kaoru December 21 2016

All three of your stories are just SO GOOD right now. If you keep this pace up you're sure to garner the best kind of attention.