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Daren Thomas Magee September 21 2018

Thanks for letting us repost! — Lezher

Daren Thomas Magee September 21 2018

i’m a graduate student or i’d dip more often, but here’s a cup of beacons from me. love and appreciate your work so much, amigo. — marisa

SoulCentinel September 19 2018

A 10% bonus (when converted to euro). Keep being awesome. — Violet

Rooflemonger September 18 2018

Watching your guides have been a huge boon to not only understand Dragon Ball FigherZ, but understanding fighting game language. In the past I use to casually play Street Fighter Alpha series and MK9 with my brother, and since moving away from college years ago I still have that hadoken itch and miss my sparing partner to experiment with combos or share notes with. You’ve made some earnestly great videos that make sense of what my brother and I were fumbling over our rounds against each other years ago, and I appreciate the consistency of your content so I know I can learn a new fact each day. Plus, once my beother finally does plays against me in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you’ve done nothing but assured his absolute doom. :) — Drew

The Hainings September 18 2018

1 Corinthians 15:58 Thx for sharing UR music! God bless ya! — Terri M. LaVerdure

EroticPhobia September 17 2018

Hi bean — Not mayo

Aerogramme Writers' Studio September 17 2018

Thank you x — Fernanda

Daren Thomas Magee September 17 2018

Hey friend, still working on finding some retail venues for your work out here in Madison, WI! In the meantime, have a beautiful coffee or two : ) Your work continues to inspire me to think and smile. Thank you! — Michelle

Barbie's Dream Doll House & Play Room September 16 2018

I wish I had financials to donate more! — Hood Ratchet Damien

The Shining 2:37 Podcast September 16 2018

I enjoy the podcast a lot - almost as compelling as the movie itself! Your Politically Incorrrect episode is my favorite so far-excellent guest and discussion. Looking forward to the third act! BTW, re: your recent visit, I live in Denver. Stapleton airport is now a housing estate! — Rupert