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Rev. Theresa March 17 2019

Hi Theresa, thank you for your wonderful words. I've used one of your poems in a worship service and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the life and truth in your words. Thanks! — Tania Y Marquez

Taylor Krasna March 17 2019

Because you are amazing! — Hai

The Shining 2:37 Podcast March 16 2019

Thank you, caretaker! — Kevin Connell

Taylor Krasna March 16 2019

Just because — Anonymous

Stoney Sour March 16 2019

not much but something to help out — Luis

Stoney Sour March 16 2019

My little bit to help — Steve Wittbrod

The Shining 2:37 Podcast March 16 2019

Thank you so much! I am tempted to try and say something profound, but instead, I'll just say I really enjoyed hanging out with you and your guests. I think I've talked back to this podcast more than any other. Can't wait for Rosemary's Baby. — David Wahl

Stoney Sour March 16 2019

Hope this helps — Charles Dingas

Headlines With A Voice March 16 2019

Your voice is a clear beacon of light that cuts through the fog of lies and deception, much appreciated. — R. N. Merfeld (nickinak)

Borzoi March 16 2019

Frankie, play us out with Brahms German Requiem Movement 2. Striker, Lead us and we will follow. — Kegs4Kavanaugh