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Tomas Agnar on July 26 2017

Gift — Jimmy

Sara Tisdale on July 25 2017

Hope you're doing okay. I'm having struggles myself but I wanted to show my love for your art and support you in all your personal and artistic endeavors. You're going places! — Anonymous

Tomas Agnar on July 25 2017

Thanks! — Anonymous

Cur Non on July 25 2017

Thanks for being a bright spot on everything from the best to the worst of days! ❤️ — Keri

Ashlee on July 25 2017

I'm sorry, it's not a lot, but I want to send more later anyway. :) Good luck! You can do it! — Colleen Sieting

Halloween Love on July 25 2017


JoeFriday714 on July 23 2017

Thanks joe — Märry

Dicks I Drew on July 23 2017

Hi I would like to get my penis drawn. I sent it on Instagram ruhtra38100 — Arthur

JoeFriday714 on July 23 2017

Trying out your blog as you mentioned yesterday. — sxl168

Sal on July 23 2017

Gambatte! ❤️ — Duke kun