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Wasted Time October 13 2018

Thanks for the comission — Grand Gazelle

Jerome Hebert October 13 2018

Thank you so much for lifting up my spirits this glorious day in America. The spirit of America talk and a beautiful bike ride was just what I needed! — Anonymous

Fun Side of the Moon October 13 2018

Love your work. — Daza

Jerome Hebert October 10 2018

You are truly an inspiration. So glad I found you. I love every video. Thank you Jerome. — Michele R Dehn

Amber Reynolds October 10 2018

How fun! Praying unlimited blessings on your tips! — Mom

The Shining 2:37 Podcast October 9 2018

I love that Suzen and her guests keep finding new themes and depth to explore. I look forward to every episode and then gobble it down like a big, bad wolf. Thank you! — TJ

Daren Thomas Magee October 9 2018

I really appreciate all of the content (work related + personal) that both you + Vyana put out on social media. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Incredibly grateful. Hope you have a good day with your gorgeous + brilliant family. — Sabrina

Lexi-Omen October 9 2018

For being awesome — matt

The Shining 2:37 Podcast October 9 2018

This show is a lot of fun and very informative! Thank you for all your hard work to make it happen. — Mike Richins

Anj Granieri October 9 2018

Hi Anj! — Nicole Pensiero