Recent creators that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • Lemondeer

    I draw the vore.

  • Stephanie Russell

    ASU graduate oil painter, doing stuff in retail and education coordination. Hoping to get some tips to try and someday work in a real art field.

  • Garrett Walker

    Garrett Walker was truly born into Country Music. Both of his parents, his brother and his uncle played in the same band as he was growing up. He often spent his school nights backstage in little Taverns and Honky-Tonks doing his homework as a little ...

  • JaxBros

    JaxBros debut album Elementary, is available on iTunes. JaxBros released a 14 song live album called No Bridges this March 2016. It's is also available on iTunes.

  • nicki kaye

    I'm Nicki Kaye, a story and fan artist

  • Huntahr

    hey hey, i'm Huntahr, i love drawing, games and pop punk. you can find me literally everywhere under the name of "huntahr" (;

  • Jaloyoloti

    An eclectic witch practicing tarot that could use a few bucks to help pay for the things life throws at her.

  • The Puffin Publishing Podcast

    A monthly comedy podcast aiming to destroy the legacies of your favorite authors, you don't even need a degree in literature to enjoy the Puf Pub Pod. In fact, it would probably be best if you couldn't read at all! We bring you the finest in author-based ...

  • Nikki Pittman

    Nikki is a comic artist who draws an Undertale fancomic at while developing original work! For more information on original projects, visit her Patreon at

  • K.E.

    Hello! If you're here, chances are you've read some of my work and are considering tossing a penny or two my way. My retail job covers bills but I'm often short for other expenses (medical and vehicle, typically). Thank you for even glancing at this page ...

  • Leafe Darling

    ✧ im leafe and i luv animating, drawing, & myself ✧

  • The Trad Stars

    We're a traditional jazz band hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, the birthplace of jazz music. We play a variety of music but particularly focus on song from 1920-1940. Also known as "archaic pop."

  • Ana Rui

    All tips appreciated c: