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The Shanty Hounds on April 29 2017

Glad you are on the mend Bob now you can do what you do best play that Bass — Wayne & Mary jo

JoeFriday714 on April 29 2017

For the week of May 1 — Daniel Petrovita

vsh on April 29 2017

UH i love you have a tip — itsa me a grahamio

Conscious on April 28 2017

Happy Friday — Kim

The Shanty Hounds on April 28 2017

Feel better — Vince

Aesir on April 28 2017

Good luck bro. — Space

MMA Digest on April 27 2017

Love the channel too much to not give something back. About time as well i've been watching your vids for so long and haven't paid a dime. By the way the "my sex life is phenomenal" etc. things are so fucking funny, its amazing. Also that vid "Funny MMA Moments & comedy bits" you put out in August was incredible and you should consider making next part of that. Your channel is bae on YT — jeleps

Emisunshine on April 27 2017

Glad you were able to recover your cell phone. Best wishes. — Roger Brown

Michael Incavo on April 27 2017

Hey ur pretty gud keep being gud plz thanks 4 playing jazz in public so I could c it. — Ms. Chanandler Bong

Michael Incavo on April 27 2017

I love "Wonderful World", great job Michael and thanks for having us out! — Eben Dunlap