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The Goddamn Owl December 11 2017

ayy — funfo

Orange Marmalade Books December 10 2017

I saw your recent social media meltdown post; I've been meaning to "tip" and now I am! I am a busy, busy Mom of two homeschooled boys, and your blog enables me to put a great number and variety of high quality books in my boys' (and my!) "library baskets" with an absolute minimum of effort from me. I read your blog; anything that looks appealing I request from our library online, and then I'm done! Having this task done and taken care of is absolutely amazing, and I wanted to make a donation that was commensurate with the value you provide us. I hope the social media doesn't get you too down; I avoid it all for my sanity's sake. Your blog is one of just 5 I read, and I stay off of the rest! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you have a very joyful holiday season! — Kate Sandretto

Oliver Dagum December 10 2017

You are great! — Mr Ethan G. Jucovy

creamymommy December 9 2017

hope this helps! — Unadulteratedcolordaze

creamymommy December 9 2017

buy morrowind — Doc

Red Son December 9 2017

Thanks for the songs man! — Albert Ladd

The GASP Podcast December 8 2017

Woo hoo! Happy one year anniversary. Thank you for the past year of fun and laughter. You always brighten my day. Love Mama Lou Sole — Jon Sparks

Owlcan December 8 2017

Happy Birthday — Lilnekokitten

Lexii Lenoire December 8 2017

A friend requested you on Fetlife, you popped up in my feed. I recognized you from the Naughties Munch. I presented to rope demo. You spent some time talking to my girlfriend, Dakota (KidaWolf). She enjoyed exchanging sadistic ideas with you. — Ron (Fulgrimm)

Van December 8 2017

just came across you on ST today. Saw some of your post and appreciate what you are doing. Just a small gesture to start. I have been negative on my portfolio since I started. Would definitely give back more when I start making some money. Cheers — Anonymous