Recent performers that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • Nick Shepley

    I am the creator of the Explaining History podcast, a weekly episode on modern world history for students, teachers and enthusiasts.

  • Phillip Rogers

    Phillip Rogers is a seasoned vocalist who performs with a variety of bluesy ensembles in the Atlanta/North Georgia music scene, from acoustic solo to his band ‘Phil ’n The Blanks.

  • SongLab

    SongLab is an online music community facilitated by Jason Manns, Nicholas Zork, and Aaron Beaumont to provide emerging songwriters a space where they can play freely with a toolbox of fresh writing concepts alongside fellow creators. Now you can support ...

  • Jellynoms

    I will appreciate any tip you will leave here ♥♥

  • Epona

    Every tip helps~

  • Szkojani Charlatans for our albums.

  • Emily Rowlands

    This is a test page. I may want to use your service for local bands.

  • Arcadia

    Arcadia aka FeeFee. Self employed Artist. ♥ Every little bit helps a long way~!

  • One Man, One Million

    The mission is #OneManOneMillion. Can I raise it? The money is to live in my art and serve the people. Can I reach one million people? Employ 100 people in 2015. Reinvigorate the #creativesneedsupport hashtag. I'd like to subsidize the monthly ...

  • Hildegard

    Hildegard is a venturous collaboration between two of the leading voices on the New Orleans progressive music scene, vocalist Sasha Masakowski and guitarist Cliff Hines. Together the two have created genre-defying original music that seamlessly fuses ...

  • Jim Allen III

    Born in '57

  • Brandon Ross

    Brandon Ross is a singer-songwriter, front-man, and performance artist who has been based in Boston, Iowa City, and San Francisco, who otherwise wears a fedora, an old gas-station jacket, and can be seen in windows of Greek restaurants and on occasional ...

  • Grayson Rogers

    Grayson Rogers is the epitome of the new country music scene. After forming in March 2012, Grayson Rogers exploded into the country music scene, quenching the thirst of die-hard country music listeners, as well as exposed a vast group of people to a ...

  • NoStylin

    I'm an artists. I do sketches, Fan art, anime,

  • Steel Tormentor

    Traditional heavy metal band from the west coast of Ireland. The band has self release 2 albums Unleashed 2004 & Return of a King 2010