Recent performers that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • Tiffany Corbin

    I'm a digital illustrator

  • twirlyrolls

    Hi! I'm Connie and I like to draw and go on adventures!

  • Blossom Martin

    Young artist who is staying home to look after her money and can't get a proper job, streams in her spare time so any money you tip would be greatly appreciated! I stream at Picarto and I post to my twitter every time I stream they're both @aelitagwen

  • Western Automatic

    Western Automatic, an Ill-Fit Records artist, plays Kansas City Rock & Roll music. Their latest album, Start It, features Billy Beale Woods on lead guitar. It incorporates sounds from rock and roll roots, rock-a-billy, soul, bluegrass and the blues, and ...

  • bigmama joy

    I am a singer, songwriter, mother, activist, warrior, leader of movements, granddaughter of the witches they weren't able to burn.

  • Jacob Wild

    Writer /

  • Noize

    Fun-loving sound collective playing de-constructions and re-imaginings of songs we all love. Visit our Facebook page at

  • meat

    Hello! I am a self-employed artist in training

  • The Warren G Band

    We are a band out of So Arizona playing great Country, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Americana, and Tex-mex. You can read our bio's on our website:

  • Ursula Liang

    9-MAN uncovers an isolated and unique streetball tournament played by Chinese-Americans in the heart of Chinatowns across the USA and Canada. Largely undiscovered by the mainstream, the game is a gritty, athletic, chaotic urban treasure traditionally ...

  • Sidney Ortega-Hufana

    Digital and Traditional artist:D! Donating certain amounts can get you some art work:D! $2 - Quick head shot sketch $5 - Quick Bust sketch $10 - Full body sketch $15 or more - Cleaned Line art work

  • ArmorWraith

    Concept Artist, Painter, Writer

  • Yamio

    Yamio. Self employed Artist. ♥ Every little bit helps a long way~!

  • Rita Rose

  • Parasona

    Rock Music's Alternative Cousin. Toronto, Canada.

  • *Diamond*

    I work as an independent fashion model. I also work as a teacher in a modelling school, where i teach photographic courses. I graduated from university with a Masters in Teaching in 2000. From 2000 - 2003 I worked as a TV presenter and journalist for one ...

  • CryptikRomeo

    No one important :)