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Erin Blackstock February 21 2019

You are so talented..I'm proud.and.pleased to consider myself a true fan — Dougie

Erin Blackstock February 20 2019

Xo — Sheri-Lyn Christensen

Erin Blackstock February 20 2019

Keep moving forward even when you feel you can't. You'll be happy you did. — Your Friend

Larysa Jaye February 20 2019

Thanks for humoring me with uptown girl! Excellent job tonight!! I can’t think of a better way to spend time being delayed in an airport. Take care and good luck with your music career! Cheers! — Jeremy Yeargan

Ivan's Shady Existence February 19 2019

Just joined your patreon - loved your last video so heres a tip. — KaceyRepublic

Owlcan February 19 2019

I don’t know if the first sent so i’ll say it again, thanks for everything you do for all of us — Doodlybops (Alice)

Jeremy Dean February 19 2019

Loved hearing you at Gibson!! — Michelle

Jeremy Dean February 19 2019

Great job dude — Zach Duncan

Jeremy Dean February 18 2019

Enjoyed listening to you and Brittany in Gibson cafe! — Kyle

The Shining 2:37 Podcast February 18 2019

Just listened to your the Lee Unkrich episode. Ridiculously cool. Thank you!!! — Brian Mahoney