Recent creators that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • Seisko

    Hello! My name is Brenna Brazier, but my followers know me as Seisko. I will be starting college soon and having a talk with Disability. Why disability? I have lupus and some fluid around my lung (left ) preventing me from doing any kind of work. So, if ...

  • Darkfa


  • Emilele

    Emilele The Ukulele Lady

  • Coffin2

    We are still funding for the sequel to the 2011 cult favorite, COFFIN! You can type in your amount or use one of the Pre-Determined buttons. Our perks are below, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you leave us your email when claiming an award so we can make ...

  • Rigel Thurston

    My name is Rigel Thurston. I play piano and sing Jazz standards, blues, soul, folk and a little country.

  • Isabel Rhoades

    I am a student and artist born and raised in Denver, CO. I will be attending University of Denver, class of 2020.

  • Chelle Rose

    At the encouragement from my fans, this account is for those who feel inclined to support my musical journey. I'm a native East Tennessean that spent a lot of time in Western North Carolina growing up. Both sides of the magical Smoky Mountains have mused ...

  • BlancaNieves

    Making bondage, femdom, and guy-in-distress art.

  • SUNS

    hello my name is sunny. i'm not a very interesting person, honestly. im from the bronx, currently living on my own in a highschool friend's attic in boston, and i spend a lot of time working at a shitty fast food place so i dont really have time to do ...

  • izamod

    A tumblr artist! Thought it'd be nice to have a tip jar just in case. (Commissions ARE available if you'd like one! Message me in tumblr at ask-sparksandfriends, askingintelligence3 or izamod for info!)

  • Adara Rae & The Homewreckers

    Bluesy Pop Rock band from Tucson AZ!

  • Constellationia

    Graphic Designer. Illustration. Comic Art. A freelance artist one step at a time!

  • Kyle Williams

    I write songs and make babies. Thus far I have more songs than babies.

  • Premium Soulsonic Megajive

    "The Mercury Train" marks the first faceless collaborative project for me. Over nearly the past two years, with the tireless efforts of Premium Soulsonic Megajive and a small army of talented artists and musicians from all over the globe, I was able to ...

  • Blue Bun

    Makin' stuff, what else is new?

  • Sara Larner

    I paint things and I write things, and if you ever feel the urge to buy me a coffee because of those things, I will be eternally grateful! On the other hand, this is both my job and a thing I love, and you should feel no obligation <3 (awritersrejections ...

  • coralsi

    I'm a vine editor looking to take some edit requests! Donate any amount here to request any edit of anything!

  • Cargoleta

    Just a freelance illustrator trying to get by in life :)