Recent creators that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • Noisewater

    NOISEWATER is a New Orleans funk rock band comprised of musicians from a diverse background. The members have played the specter of music from Metal to Big Band and Jazz to Progressive Rock. It is with this eclectic background they approach Funk with a ...

  • Nighte Studios

    Just an artist trying to make it day by day. I appreciate tips and thank you kindly in advance.

  • RedRidah

    Just drawing things for you lovely people :) <3

  • YKajitaka

    Loony girly who does everything! I write, draw, sing (in the shower), and study Japanese in college. *v* This tip jar is open for you to show appreciation for my work and support for my future!

  • Rio~

    My card has recently drained somehow and I need money, this is also a place where you can pay for commissions.

  • Cootie

    Hi, I'm Cootie! I'm a digital artist, and tips are appreciated if you are so inclined.

  • B-Man & The MizzBeeHavens

    B-Man and the MizzBeeHavens reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico but travel all over to include many trips to Key West, Florida. Our music is a mix of Tropical Rock, Rock, Country, Americana, Pop and our own originals. With our new CD out titled "Key ...

  • Cafhune

    Ilustrator+Graphic designer+student from the philippines. Thought of having a tip jar would be cool! + + +

  • James Corley

    23. las vegas. artist. doing what i love!

  • RainbowDawg

    Digital Artist/Character Designer

  • Evan Prescott

    Just a 20-somethings loser looking to make a few extra nickels by providing people with some gaming-related entertainment and funny commentary

  • LizFitz

    I'm an artist who enjoy digital drawings and hopes to improve myself with my latest venture of getting a proper drawing tablet.

  • Seisko

    Hello! My name is Brenna Brazier, but my followers know me as Seisko. I will be starting college soon and having a talk with Disability. Why disability? I have lupus and some fluid around my lung (left ) preventing me from doing any kind of work. So, if ...

  • Darkfa


  • Emilele

    Emilele The Ukulele Lady

  • Coffin2

    We are still funding for the sequel to the 2011 cult favorite, COFFIN! You can type in your amount or use one of the Pre-Determined buttons. Our perks are below, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you leave us your email when claiming an award so we can make ...

  • Rigel Thurston

    My name is Rigel Thurston. I play piano and sing Jazz standards, blues, soul, folk and a little country.

  • Jane Rhoades

    I am a student and artist born and raised in Denver, CO. I will be attending University of Denver, class of 2020.

  • Chelle Rose

    At the encouragement from my fans, this account is for those who feel inclined to support my musical journey. I'm a native East Tennessean that spent a lot of time in Western North Carolina growing up. Both sides of the magical Smoky Mountains have mused ...