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peintouo on October 25, 2016

You make some pretty sweet art so here's a little something for you — Syder

Jaloyoloti on October 24, 2016

treat yo' self, sort shit out then treat yo' self again right? — Cass

Waterwriter on October 24, 2016

Just helping out an awesome youtuber and lady. — Joe the Shark

ujimushi on October 24, 2016

Take care friend. Hope you've been doing well. — Allysia

jotxs y recuerdos on October 23, 2016

It only takes a spark to get the fire going....keep the fire going!!! — Maricela Ponce

SmutPrincess Writes on October 20, 2016

:^D — Cakey

Kassius on October 19, 2016

Hey, hey kids! — Mr Black

LELE ROSE on October 19, 2016

Periscope Name- CaptainBK1 Love your music and da best...East Coast! — Brian

Kassius on October 19, 2016

Dirt poor as well but i wanna support you, and your artistical gentlemanly charms <3 — Kris

LELE ROSE on October 19, 2016

Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice — Ben Ederer