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Captain Benzie November 19 2018

Thank you for providing informative and quality Rivals content! Would you consider transcribing your videos in the future? I much prefer reading articles to watching videos. β€” JustinMKohler

Samuel Crawford-Dias November 19 2018

Thank you for putting this together! β€” Fred

Anakaliyah November 18 2018

Your so hot bsby β€” Anonymous

Megan Kane Music November 18 2018

πŸ”₯❀️ β€” Anonymous

PartTimeSlave November 18 2018

For the commission! β€” Skeletorific

Shruglord November 17 2018

You do such beautiful watercolor! Keep up the adorable bun work! I hope I can convince you to paint one of mine someday πŸ’œ β€” MarkersIntensify

LoliCyanide November 16 2018

For 10 picture photoset. I like the photos of you with the collar, corset, gloves, and stockings. Thanks! β€” Eido

Larysa Jaye November 16 2018

Love the aucustic Chaka Khan! β€” Kevin C

The Shining 2:37 Podcast November 11 2018

Very interesting. Thank you. β€” David K.

Hymn For Her November 11 2018

Thanks for the show at McKenzie’s house. I really enjoyed your music and meeting both of you! β€” Greg Kops