Recent creators that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • Brian Jantzi Singer-Songwriter

    Singer/songwriter Brian Jantzi digs deep into folk rock jazz blues bluegrass Celtic western latin psychedelic & world traditions with original songs that lay a lonesome hippie vibe over lyrics that make you want to hear every word. Brian Jantzi's ...

  • BizH2K

    A streamer for minecraft.

  • Midwestern-Duchess

    cheerful, satrical, writes on a dime.

  • A.H. Gilreath

    I write a serialized web series entitled The Exiles Ever After, part fractured fairy tale and part character-driven cozy fantasy. You can read it for free at I publish all of my writing, fanfiction or original, on ...

  • Goob

    Hello~ I'm Goob! I'm just a freelance, self taught artist, trying to make their way in life. This is just a tipjar for those who appreciate my work and want to give a dollar just to help me by. Any and all tips are very much appreciated. v w v

  • Jen C

    Friendly neighborhood fic writer and fanartist who has only a part time job. Thank you for even considering leaving a tip. Ask me about commissions if that catches your fancy as well!

  • Symphonic Fantasia

    Hey there! Symphonic Fantasia aka Val here! I'm a writer of many fandoms, but my biggest creation is "Of Bitter Rivals", a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fanfiction involving the relationship between the hornetshipping pairing. This is completely optional and you don't ...

  • The Writing Bee

    Hi. I'm Bee and I run runningoutofink fandom blog. I'm in a little of financial distress right now and every little bit helps. I'd really appreciate every bit . (Art used is not mine, is by my lovely friend yinwa on tumblr).

  • Robbie Helton

    Musician, Entertainer, Positive

  • Colorfag

    I color smut and do art streams. Trying to accumulate enough money to buy a tablet to color and draw smut better

  • Tauri

    artists mostly on tumblr

  • The Ghost Wolves

    HELLO BABY FANGS OF THE UNIVERSE!! The bad news is that Vanimal, our trusty touring van of the past two years, has died. RIP VANIMAL. We are raising money for a new touring vehicle and could really use your help! We have a tour booked in July and ...

  • sketchingpianist

    artist on tumblr, jobless student

  • Camille Arana

    I'm a 27 year old UI/Web Designer who loves dragons and cats. Portfolio: | Personal Tumblr:

  • John C Funk

    Twitch streamer and speedrunner.

  • SatsunonSavior

    Hey, I'm SatsunonSavior and I write fanfiction for the adoring masses. :D