Recent performers that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • BlueDubia

    I'm an artist and storyteller who wants to do this stuff for a living! Anything you can spare is appreciated. If you tip big enough, you can request arts from me as well! Check out commission prices here:

  • The Tiffani Love Band

    Futuristic, psychedelic electronic rock.

  • Yuleth

    ♡ Yul | ♀ | ♍ | 24 y.o | artist ♡
    art is my passion and I love what I do, you can support me by giving me a little tip when you also love what I do (人 ˘ ³˘) ♡

  • Owlcan

    I make naughty art.

  • Snake And The Charmers

    Snake and the Charmers evokes an era gone by. The music is from that transitional period after World War II up through the 1950s. Musical arrangements have been written specifically for this band, and feature the music of the jump blues era, Ratpack ...

  • Pickleboy

    Hi I'm Pickle and I like to doodle.

  • After Midnight

    Colorado's best swing band!

  • Kimiyo

    Steph | 20 | Pinay based in Austria | loves art!

  • Smash

    Hi Hi~~~ I'm a gay artist and a huge weeb~~

  • RKSlither

    I am a computer programmer and game developer i also stream and do youtube.

  • Sumire

    Hello, I'm a college student, who likes and makes art for living. I also write walk thoughts for otome games in hope to help my comrade players <3

  • Maiz-ken

    Hiya, im Maizken digital artist and animator! My artblog can be seen at & my twitter is @maizken. Thanks for the tips!

  • Pytchblend

    Bleak sounds from Manchester England

  • Beginnigan

    I call my work Beginnigan. The projects are a bit experimental, with each track usually having a pop/R&B base and then heavily laden with several hundred pieces of my voice in layers and multipart harmonies. I have always been inspired by the thick and ...

  • Raisin' Kane

    Brothers Peter and Tim Kane and their band perform their original Texas hybrid music and covers of their favorites by other artists.