Recent creators that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • BandHack

    We're a software solution for independent music.

  • wintermoth

    Writer, video editor, sound editor/designer. I write things and make comic dubs :)

  • Dire

    I'm a comic artist currently in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. But I also do original works.

  • Mimel Einzest

    I DM, and that's a form of art.

  • Steve Johnson

    I play roots music all over the place!

  • Jer 'Ace'

    I'm a writer! Help support my work! Not sure what else to say here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • ishtarelisheba

    Writer and fangirl.

  • Rinworks

    Hello! My artist name is Rinworks. I am a digital illustrator and hope to be an amazing animator. I'm currently studying to achieve my dreams. I created this tip jar so that people who enjoyed my art would be able to send donations without having to ...

  • Ana Lete

    Ana Lete is an Experimental Indie Folk artist from Boise, ID. Containing elements of classical, jazz, and indie influences, Lete’s set is emotive, entrancing, and surreal. During sets, Lete lays her vocals and poetic lyrics all out on the stage. Her ...

  • Fictional Seviper

    I'm a digital artist working his way toward his first graphic novel and a graduate degree in psychology. My work primarily focuses on video game art and similar fantastical topics.

  • shawn eiferman

    Singer, songwriter, full time Dad, comic, entertainer based in Vegas for 30+ years. has all the 411 :-)

  • glitch9000

    Scientists are still trying to figure out if I'm actually a robot.

  • Ivi

    I'm a 18 year old fan artist, who is starting college soon and in desperate need for a little money :)

  • CosmicLife

    I am a furry pinup artist of the highest caliber!

  • Siddyfour

    Tips go towards a new gaming pc and a new recording setup. I'd get it myself, but my hours at work keep getting cut : / I swear, I'll be so surprised if I actually get any tips lol.