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Squilax McGreevy January 20 2018

You rock, Squilax. — Anonymous

Emery January 20 2018

Heyyy Em, I hope this finds you well! I wish I could give you more!! I wanted to get something off your wishlist, maybe one of these days! <3 ---- Sombra/Candi — Sombra

Chezy January 20 2018

Thanks man, your charts are always on point. Thanks so much for sharing them with the world! — Silhouetteless

Valadian January 20 2018

All the scripting you've done for the TTS Hotac board is amazing. Keep up the good work! — David

Moiderah January 19 2018

:3 — Anonymous

Moiderah January 19 2018

For the lood — Nemo

CyclopsDragon January 19 2018

nice memes — Paturages

ChocolatierGames January 19 2018

I love your Articles! Keep up the good work! Greetings from Belgium. — Jonathan

Olga January 18 2018

Поделись с Владом, а то у меня нет ПэйПэл — Олег

Prerna Lal January 18 2018

As a member of the UCSF staff I appreciate all you have done and are doing to support undocumented students and #FreedLuis. The US is a shithole these days! — Karyl Nakamura