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Larysa Jaye January 16 2019

Get it girl! Keep singing your passion shows! Thanks for making my layover tolerable! — Lori

feversea January 15 2019

Thanks for the fantastic commission! >:] — epyon_avenger

Mayo January 15 2019


Natasha January 14 2019

I is cat. Im deadly — Kitty

Ivan's Shady Existence January 14 2019

Daddy Ivan, you are our new favourite channel... keep up the amazing work, and remember the beef..... it's beef o'clock! Adrian & Nat — adrian

Dj.RANSOMtheFREEDOMIST January 11 2019

Ransom, thanks for your tech support, LOL! Have a great weekend, you and yours! And do you have a preference of PayPal or this method? Also, does embedding preserve the video in case the content creator's site gets taken down? Over. — Kate Millpointer

Lilli Lewis / LLP January 10 2019

First live music we heard in New Orleans, thanks for the wonderful time! — Anonymous

Headlines With A Voice January 10 2019

Sorry I am late with my monthly tuition payment...Especially when I think of the valuable learning I get out of it...And some laughs as well — jeff A garcia

Dan Schafer January 10 2019

Father passed away, had to leave sooner than planned. Been a crumby day, Dan being front row enjoying your music was great. — Seth

CannibalMoon January 9 2019

Not having a great day hopefully your day is going well — 87isaib8718