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LoliCyanide June 17 2018

Hey beautiful this is for the bat outfit video;) — Moises

Rooflemonger June 17 2018

Thank you for all the valuable tips and info. Enjoy some good bread :-) — Joe

Anakaliyah June 16 2018

Money mike — Anonymous

Headlines With A Voice June 16 2018

You’re my favorite news commentator. You need to reach a larger audience. How can that be accomplished? God bless you. — Anonymous

LoliCyanide June 16 2018

Hello Lolicyanide, I was told to contact you. My email is below. atcdanno@me.com Thank You for allowing me to tip You! — daniel conroy

The Hainings June 15 2018

Love the songs and music! Thank you! — Fred

The Hainings June 15 2018

Thank you for Thursday Live !! I can’t wait to see you in Minnesota soon. — Michelle Wentland

VIDIspace June 13 2018

Love you Beffers and Sharla so much! So proud of you both. So glad I've gotten to witness all the incredible things you both have been able to accomplish. Never forget how amazing you both are. Love you both! — Your #1 Fan

Jeremy Dean June 10 2018

Our flight was delayed due to weather and Tom made it much less painful! Awesome voice and a pleasure to listen too.. you genuinely seem like you enjoy what you do!!! — Annette Quigley

LoliCyanide June 10 2018

Don't let anyone tell you your not beautiful — Anonymous