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SynTheHedgehog August 20 2017

Make that pink, beautiful hedgehog GROOOOOWW!! ^^ — Mennomoog

JoeFriday714 August 20 2017

as per chat — ironman9x

JoeFriday714 August 20 2017

hi Joe, for this week — ironman9x

JoeFriday714 August 20 2017

thanks again joe — mario

JoeFriday714 August 19 2017

For the week of Aug 21 — Daniel Petrovita

ladyslice August 19 2017

Loved your new volume and just wanted to show some thanks. — Anon

Curio Heart August 18 2017

Here's the payment — Anotherone

Flolania August 17 2017

I'm sorry I'm poor — GenericWaifufag

LELE ROSE August 17 2017

I know this is an old Eagles Song, but I would love to someday hear you sing the song "Love Will Keep Us Alive." I think this song is one of the most romantic songs written. With your deep passion and that special way you make each song your own I think it would be amazing. I will be understanding if you decide not to sing it. You have the "it" factor. You are just undiscovered superstar talent. I can't wait for your time when you will be selling out performances. — Fitzzer

Tomas Agnar August 16 2017

Gift for you — Aaron