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Glenn Roth November 22 2017

Awesome, Glenn! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving & thanks for the music! — Dave L

Orange Marmalade Books November 22 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for all you do on Orange Marmalade & for sharing the children's book love :) :) — Anonymous

Glenn Roth November 22 2017

Glenn Roth fist pump — Jason Apolinario

Jeremy Dean November 20 2017

For the CD. Thank you for your art! — Tyler Randall

Alien Minute Podcast November 20 2017

Hope you’re feeling better John. — Timmy bricks

MamaTalkTwinCities November 19 2017

Thank you! — Jill Grunewald

spikedmauler November 19 2017

Really enjoy your work, man. Hope this is enough for your pen display — Mswati III

MamaTalkTwinCities November 18 2017

Thanks for doing a great job keeping this huge, diverse group going so well. — Caitlin Gentine

Casey Newman November 18 2017

You are amazing! — Anonymous

ChattyNeko November 18 2017

I really like your art, so have a few dollars to keep doing it — Spookermen