Recent performers that have joined Digital Tip Jar
  • Jacob Poole

    Charleston Musician

  • RVS Poetry

    I am a 26 year old poet. Much of my poetry is in the form of song lyrics written by Birdboy Jack Lee, a fictional folk musician. I like to write about nature, relationships, space, God, and the peculiarities of being human

  • PaoChao

    I'mma furry / cartoon artist You can follow me on

  • Spencer Avery

    My name is Spencer Avery. I'm a writer who loves doing what I do best: creating new worlds and writing about fictional girls falling in love with each other. You can follow my blog at for often daily writing updates, or find ...

  • Aaron Shackelford

    I'm a blues and jazz guitarist and singer/songwriter from Plainview, Texas.

  • barennoso

    I'm a California born doodlist and gamer trying to stream art and create as often as I can while still in college. Food and such aren't free, so anything I can do on the side really helps out, haha.

  • Ventisette

    I draw, and eat? I also have a job that takes away from drawing time, though I hope I'll one day be able to draw to earn money to eat and the likes...I'm really bad at these about spaces... Majority of my art can be found at Ventisette-stelle @ ...

  • deichuu

    ♥ Dei | scorpio | ♀ | Freelance Digital Artist

  • Miri

    i draw things sometimes and you can tip me if you like those things, especially if i'm streaming, so that's cool right?

  • Bull Shit Benny

    Im a tumblr artist who is barely making it by, ive only got $2 to my name right now! My tumblr My other tumblr that has more art on it.

  • queenchikkbug

    The name's Kimmi, female, 22 year old nsfw artist! Follow me at my tumblr - Thanks for the tips! :>

  • greenmaggot

    Hey! I'm just a girl who likes to draw and design. If you would like to support me you can do it here or on deviantART by donating points. My names there are: greenmaggot | greenmaggot-designs. Thank you <3

  • IronicBeauty

    Streamer, Singer/Songwriting, Writer, and Visual Artist.

  • Lipesan

    Luiz Felipe, male, 24 years old artist! - nsfw Thanks for your suport!

  • EcksVO

    Just a voice actor.

  • Girl Wonder

    A Twitch Variety Video Game Streamer (xo_girlwonder) & Tabletop Roleplaying Streamer (weekendwarriorgaming).