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Steffy on May 29 2017

Hello! I just wanted to give you a little extra for the commission. I really appreciated your frequent updates, as well as the thank-you gift. I regretted not adding a tip to the invoice, so I'm glad I could do it here. Thanks again and maybe I can commission you gain in the future! — RareRuiz

JoeFriday714 on May 29 2017

Next 2 wks big $ moves for everyone. Can't wait for Jnug... — Loc v nguyen

JoeFriday714 on May 28 2017

Hey joe, I look forward to another week with valuable content;) — Mario

Sis Deville on May 28 2017

Devillicious!!! Boom shacka-lacka-lacka!!! — the Carolyn Wonderstudy

JoeFriday714 on May 26 2017

For the week of May 29 — Daniel Petrovita

Verna on May 26 2017

Hope this helps and I hope to God I win lol — Shondra Wann

JoeFriday714 on May 26 2017

Week of may 29 — Anonymous

Sis Deville on May 26 2017

Looking forward to hearing your project!!!!! Can't wait!!!!😎 — Dogger

Sis Deville on May 26 2017

Would love to have a CD of all you Gals together. A Tour on the not to distant Horizon too perhaps, tag along with DA.. Sounds like a Hoot!!!! — Shizandra

Arianna Brooke on May 26 2017

It's not much, but you must start somewhere and build on it! I believe in you and I think you can go far in anything you do! — Dad